Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Remember your first time winning?

First of all, so many people win their first time playing the slot machines, other wise known as the one armed bandit! A lot of people get frustrated when they play, however, what a thrill for them when they win! More than likely you will not get anything and then someone else will play the same machine and take all of your coins.

Most winnings are not that much money, usually around one hundred big ones! All the loose change that people ever put into a machine, they get right back. There are people who win and then lose it all by giving it back, no way, they should cash out and in their bra it goes for safe keeping. 안전놀이터

Win or lose, it is a numbers game, whether or not you’re going to get reservations at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try or whether you’ll have to stand in an hour long line for the buffet or wait for a seat at a table. Whether you’re going to see Bette Midler live in concert or settle for a Midler impersonator at the Riviera’s La Cage show.

Regardless, for ordinary men and women, it must feel great being a winner for the first time. They will scream, jump up and down so hard that some girls will almost break their high heels and spill their drinks all over themselves. All the excitement of the lights, bells and people everywhere must be a big thrill for those who never win anything.

Maybe with a little luck, others will win too!

Until next time.

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