Tue. Sep 26th, 2023


Have you been looking for a cell phone that has everything you need? There is a new smart phone by the name of the Oppo F19 Pro in the market. It comes with Windows Mobile 4.3 OS and a virtual keyboard so that you do not have to deal with the standard keyboard that you use to browse the web. It also gives you a high-end visual QWERTY keyboard. You can get this phone in black and white or in color. If you want, you can even get an upgraded color screen.

As far as the phones are concerned, the Oppo F19 Pro features a dual camera setup, a 16-meg resolution primary camera and an eight megapixel secondary camera. The in-display fingerprint sensor comes with Windows Mobile 4.3 and it allows you to register up to five fingerprints. You can use it to quickly go into the Windows Store or perform other functions. The phone also features a high-end visual QWERTY keyboard, so typing will be no problem at all. f19 pro

The Oppo F19 Pro is available with a choice of two memory variants. It comes with either a microSD slot and a microSD card, or a SIM slot and an external micro SD card. In this regard, it is a nice choice because if you choose to bring your digital camera along with you then you can take advantage of the built in digital camera memory expansion. The other variant comes with only a regular size non removable battery, so you will have to settle for using the microSD card instead. The latter variant comes with a generous 1 GB of internal memory which is considerably smaller than the one offered by the other phone.

This smartphone has a very compact physical design and is available with a soft leather material cover. On the other hand, it also features a rubberized power button along with a fingerprint scanner. A single earpiece and a headphone jack complete the elegant look of this handset. You can also find an accelerometer, a calendar and a global navigation system inside its sleek body.

All the major cellular service providers in the UK have started stocking the Oppo F19 Pro. Apart from this, retailers like Amazon and O2 are also featuring this smartphone. Amazon’s version comes with a metallic build while O2’s comes with a clear plastic body. When it comes to the pricing, both these variants come with mid-ranges. When it comes to the high-end smartphones like the iPhone 6 and the LG iPhone 6, however, it is clear that the Oppo F19 Pro comes out as a winner.

An impressive technology incorporated into this smartphone is the fingerprint scanner. This allows the user to simply swipe their finger over the scanner and gain access to their phone’s functions. The F19 Pro has a spacious 5.5 inch screen that looks nice and sharp. Users have also reported that they can easily use the device despite its large size thanks to its dual-core 1.5ghz processor and the Secure Clip fast launch system. In terms of the camera, the F19 Pro features an eight megapixel rear shooter that takes excellent images in a good light.

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